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Is There an Afterlife?

What happens in the afterlife? Is there anything beyond this existence? Is it possible to figure out what lies beyond the other side?

Here we investigate what lies beyond death, if anything. But how can we ever know what happens after we die? Many would argue that Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s, provide proof of life after death. While many atheists write off NDE as delusions or hallucinations caused by the brain, many prominent doctors and scientists claim there is more to them. Many NDE testimonies consist of people being clinically dead, without a pulse, brain activity, or any other vital signs.

Let us explore this phenomena objectively and scientifically. Perhaps we can discover that there is an afterlife. Maybe we will find that this physical reality isn’t all there is, and that a supernatural world lies beyond the veil. And maybe this afterlife correlates with what the Bible teaches us about heaven and hell.