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Posts published in “Culture”

Culture and Christianity

Here we will examine the relationship between culture and Christianity. Culture is a dynamic & ever changing construct. While the Western world was founded on Christian morals and values, it would appear that they are currently deteriorating. With practices like abortion and divorce rates through the roof, we can clearly see a decline in Christian principles. How do these two concepts work with one another? How does Christianity fit into modern culture?

It would appear that culture and Christianity are becoming more and more at odds with one another. As Western culture progresses, it appears that Christian values are declined. It would appear that as time goes on, these two have an indirect relationship with one another. But why is this happening and what is causing it? In these articles, we will examine this relationship, and how the two work together, or against one another. Perhaps we will find that the direction culture is moving in is not conducive to traditional Christian morals and values.