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Christianity and Religion: What Did Jesus Say?

Here we will examine the Christian world view and what it was intended to be, based on the Bible. We will also examine other religions, and their similarities and differences. Are Christianity and religion the same thing? What did the Bible and Jesus have to say about organized religion?

If we look to the Bible as reference, it clearly states that Christianity was never meant to be a religion. Rather than massive cathedrals, the Bible says that our bodies are our temples. While Jesus Christ walked the earth, he spoke out against the religious institutions, calling them vipers and hypocrites. In fact, Jesus’ main enemies in that time were the Pharisees, who sought to kill him for his radical ideas. We will examine Christianity and religion and whether or not the two are the same thing. Additionally, we will examine other religions and world views to see how they differ or are similar, in order to deduce which is the truth.