The Second Law of Thermodynamics Debunks Evolution

The theory of evolution is widely accepted academically as the source of life as we know it. But is this theory actually scientifically valid? Does evolution hold true when tested and tried by science? Here we will examine why the second law of thermodynamics debunks evolution. Evolution is absolutely paramount to the atheistic worldview. Without […]

The Main Reasons Why People Practice the Occult

There has been a massive influx of occult practices lately, especially in western society. Western culture and entertainment are saturated with occult books, TV, and movies. But what is the appeal of the occult? What is the main reason why people practice the occult? What is the “Occult”? First off, let us define what the […]

Fine Tuning of Universal Physical Constants: Intelligent Design

Perhaps one of the greatest arguments for intelligent design is the fine tuning of universal physical constants. These fundamental constants are universal, with specifically fixed values. In fact, these values are so precise that if any of them varied by a fraction of a fraction, the universe could not exist! Furthermore, with so many specifically […]

Jesus Christ Allegory: We Live in a Computer Program

Jesus Christ is one of the most notable figures in history. However, many people still do no actually KNOW or understand his purpose on earth. While Christians know Jesus and his sacrifice for all of humanity, others may not see the whole picture. Perhaps a Jesus Christ allegory could help those who don’t believe to […]

Seal of the Prophet Isaiah Biblical Archaeological Find

Archaeologists have made a discovery which they believe is more evidence of the historicity of the Bible. In 2015, archaeologists discovered what they believe to be the┬áseal of the Prophet Isaiah, during excavations just below the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The mark bore the name of the Old Testament prophet, providing more archaeological evidence of […]

9 Secular Extra-Biblical Sources Supporting Jesus Christ

When talking with non-Christians, I often hear a very common rebuttal. Despite the fact that the Bible is actually 66 books with approximately 40 different authors, many non-believers have trouble believing accounts from “one book”. However we have nine secular extra-Biblical sources which support Jesus Christ. Secular Extra-Biblical Sources: Whether you believe in Jesus or […]