Isaiah 53 Bible Prophecy Fulfilled by Jesus Christ

Bible prophecy is continually being fulfilled on a regular basis. There are numerous Old Testament Bible prophecies which were fulfilled by Jesus Christ during his ministry on earth. But perhaps the most compelling prophecy fulfillment is found in the book of Isaiah. The Biblical fulfillment of the Isaiah 53 Bible prophecy by Jesus is hard […]

Damascus Isaiah 17 Bible Prophecy Fulfilled – City of Ruins

As human history progresses, we observe more and more Bible prophecy being fulfilled. The latest being the Damascus Isaiah 17 Bible prophecy. After the intervention of the US, Damascus is in ruins just as Isaiah 17 predicts. In this chapter, we see the prophet Isaiah predict the destruction of the city of Damascus. The current […]

Statistical Probability that Atheism is True

Is it possible to figure out the specific probability that atheism is true? Can you calculate the actual number of the odds? If so, what would that probability reveal about the nature of our universe? Quotes: “Imagine winning the lottery every day for 10,000 years, you would still be no where close to this number.” […]

20 Facts About the Book of Job That You Probably Didn’t Know

This is a re-post of an article I found on Instagram from @pureworldtruth. I found the article so informative and edifying that I had to post it. These are 20 facts about the book of Job that you probably didn’t know. 1) The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible.   2) […]

Open Mindedness: Why Too Much is Dangerous

It seems as if the idea of “open mindedness” or being open minded is not only highly prevalent but promoted in Western culture. It is associated with being “modern”, “progressive”, “current” or “with the times”. If your beliefs are on the other side of the isle, you are regarded as outdated, unfashionable and passé. The […]

How Should We Pray? – Christian Devotional

How should we pray as a Christian? Is there a “correct” or “proper” way to talk with the Lord? What does Jesus and the Bible teach us about prayer? Romans 12:11:   11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.   Many times, I find myself getting into mundane and tedious […]