The First Step of Atheism Apologetics in an Age of Postmodernism

We find ourselves in very confusing and convoluted times. Our world seems to be experiencing a drastic shift in perception of reality. We seem to be moving from an objective to subjective society with the introduction of postmodernism. In turn, Atheism apologetics must first address this deviation to be effective. What is Postmodernism Exactly? But […]

Why Subjective Morality is Illogical & Dangerous

Is the concept of morality absolute and objective? Or rather, does it vary from person to person and culture to culture? Is morality fluid and dynamic, or fixed and nonnegotiable? If we look at subjective morality through the lens of recent history, we find it to be not only illogical, but also dangerous. Subjective Morality vs […]

Open Mindedness: Why Too Much is Dangerous

It seems as if the idea of “open mindedness” or being open minded is not only highly prevalent but promoted in Western culture. It is associated with being “modern”, “progressive”, “current” or “with the times”. If your beliefs are on the other side of the isle, you are regarded as outdated, unfashionable and passé. The […]