42 Violent Verses in the Quran: Islam a Religion of Peace?

In light of current terrorist attacks carried out by radical Muslims, the religion of Islam has many negative connotations. Many believe that mainstream Islam is getting a bad rap by the media and society. But what does their book teach? We may be surprised what we discover. Let’s examine violent verses in the Quran. I […]

The Main Reasons Why People Practice the Occult

There has been a massive influx of occult practices lately, especially in western society. Western culture and entertainment are saturated with occult books, TV, and movies. But what is the appeal of the occult? What is the main reason why people practice the occult? What is the “Occult”? First off, let us define what the […]

How Can Judaism Ignore the Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus?

I find myself asking this question whenever I read through certain scriptures in the Old Testament – How can Judaism ignore the prophecies which Jesus fulfilled? As I read through certain passages, I am in awe of the specificity and accuracy of the prophecies. Then I ask myself, how can the religion of Judaism and […]

Is Religion About Controlling People? Yes – Ask A Christian

A common theme you will hear among secularists is that religion is all about control. They explain that they could never join any organized religion, because religions are just institutions created to control the masses. And they are exactly right. Let me explain.   Religion is in fact about control This may be surprising to […]

Catholicism: 8 Reasons Why Isn’t Biblical: Catholics Contradict the Bible

I have always had a deep interest in Catholicism and its practices. Coming from a family who used to be devout Catholics, I was always interested in their doctrine & beliefs. I never understood why Christianity had hundreds of different denominations, but Catholicism seemed to be a religion of its own. Don’t Christianity and Catholicism […]

Pope Francis Controversy: Wants to Change the Lord’s Prayer

Pope Francis stirring up more controversy this past week suggesting to change the Lord’s Prayer Pope Francis is making headlines again this week. Controversial, border-line heretical statements are nothing out of the ordinary for The Pope. And he has now stated that he would like to make an amendment to the Lord’s Prayer. It seems […]