Why Subjective Morality is Illogical & Dangerous

Is the concept of morality absolute and objective? Or rather, does it vary from person to person and culture to culture? Is morality fluid and dynamic, or fixed and nonnegotiable? If we look at┬ásubjective morality through the lens of recent history, we find it to be not only illogical, but also dangerous. Subjective Morality vs […]

The One Question That Stumps Atheists

Throughout my life, I have had many conversations with atheists both in person and online. Most conversations involve civil discussions regarding our opposing viewpoints. These discussions usually contain similar themes and talking points. However, there is one question I have never gotten a clear answer to… Throughout all of these conversations, I have come across […]

Why the Atheist World View is Illogical: Empirical Evidence Over Logic & Reason

It seems as though the atheist world view is continuing to grow stronger and more prevalent. Contribute this to what you’d like, but there is no doubt this movement is growing, especially in the Western world. Much of this could be attributed to the seemingly staunch support from the scientific community. However if you read […]

Famous Quotes About Science and God

Many people believe the false notion that science and God are at odds with one another. A popular sentiment from the secular community is you can’t have both science and God – it’s either one or the other. They claim that the two concepts are mutually exclusive. However people from the other school of thought […]

Does God exist? Why Atheism doesn’t make sense.

It seems that atheism has become one of the more predominant voices in the West. I hear this a lot from people on all sides of the spectrum. Normally from people who identify as atheists, but even from agnostics and Christians who are having times of doubt. I think everyone has asked whether God exists […]

How is Christianity Different than All the other Religions?

Isn’t every religion essentially the same? It is so easy to get Christianity lost in the vast myriad of global religions and various religious systems. There have been so many different religions and denominations created in the past that it can be extremely difficult not to lump them all together as one conglomeration of delusion. […]